Thursday, July 25, 2019

June Paper Pumpkin Alternate

I wanted to take a minute to blog about this one particular alternate as I did a bit of stamping to really take it away from the original.

First there is the stamping on the card base.  I used Terracotta Tile and the starfish stamp from the kit. You can see that some of the images have two tones to them.  As I was stamping them off, I was rolling the stamp so that the image wouldn't be entirely muted.

Next, I wanted to stamp the sentiment in Terracotta as well but I had already stamped on all of the small pieces that came with the kit so I was left with only solid vanilla pieces.  I wanted a bit of background and texture to them similar to the kit pieces so I used another stamp from the kit and some crumb cake to mimic the pieces supplied in the kit.

Lastly, I wanted to add some Terracotta ribbon.  To do this, I took the current in colour ribbon which has outer edges of Terracotta and a centre strip of sahara sand and cut one of the edges off and then used that as my ribbon.  It's easy to do and I've since done it on a few other designs.

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