Thursday, September 6, 2018

Memories and More Card Packs

Do you wish you could make your own cards at home but come up with too many reasons why you can't?  It's too expensive. I need too many supplies. I'm not creative enough! 

Meet the Memories and More Card Packs from Stampin' Up!. The come with pre-printed cards fronts with both sentiments and patterns.  The entire pack coordinates with itself and easily coordinates with a few other key colours and accessories if you want to jazz them up even more!

Of the two cards pictured above, on the my heart is full card, all I added was a touch of ribbon and some rhinestones but you could easily make the card without it.  For the Thank you you make me smile card, I simply mounted the card pack pieces on a larger piece of black card stock and added a touch of ribbon.

Even better now, Stampin' Up! has added two sized of card bases and envelopes that perfectly match the different sized of the Memories and More card pieces.  The Thanks card on the left is on the larger card base (all I added was twine and a layer that the thanks sticker is on) and the Just a Note card is on the small base. I didn't add a single extra thing to the smaller card and I think it looks just as fabulous.

Stampin' Up! offers mutliple different designs for the Memories and More card packs and even has a holiday version which is available now!

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