Monday, December 18, 2017

Focus on a Suite

I was challenged as part of the West Coast Creators Team I am part of to create a card that uses materials exclusively from one single suite in the annual catalogue.  I was pleasantly surprised when I went through some of my existing cards and found at least THREE in which I had already done this.

As such, join me every other day for the next week as I show you the results and offer some great deals along the way!

First up...... Eastern Palace!  This suite can be found on pages 18-19 of the catalogue and it is a real stunner.  It was a bit overdone earlier in the year as it was all that demos could get their hands on ahead of the new catty launch but it is still a favourite as there are so many beautiful options.

Anyone ordering the Eastern Beauty Bundle from me before December 31st, will be gifted 1/2 a pack of the mini tassels.  Please use host code: FJDUJBKF  to qualify.

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