Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Amazing October Deals from SU

Two amazing new deals for Oct 1st that will make you want to be part of my '40 gets us 400' online order! This can't get any better! Get free stuff from SU and then more free stuff as part of the $400 online order!!
You must email me that you want to participate by September 30th!
All orders must emailed to me by October 1st by noon. I will then do the random draw for prizes. Prize choices must be emailed to me by 6pm on October 1st so I can place the order no later than 8pm that evening.
If you are not local, I will give you different instructions.

This is such an amazing way to get some items you want/need AND get FREE stuff!!  

I am beyond excited about the world card days sales!!  

If anyone is interested in the DSP sale but doesn't want 4 packs, why not get together with a friend or two?  Alternatively, if you are local, I will consider sharing 4 packs with you - message me!

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